Wednesday, 21 September 2016

New Book - Spilt Ink

Hey guys,
Got some exciting news for you.

My Debut book "Spilt Ink" is now available.
Thank you, everyone, for showing your love and support all the way.
You got yet another chance to show your Love and support.

Being a writer at the Illogical Poem World I got this chance to be a part of a book which has the compilations of the best work of the In-house writers of our Illogical Poem World team.
And that being said here is a sneak peek at a writing of mine which will be in the book.

"There is something common between you and my tears. 

    As soon as you leave me they start doing the same."

If you like this (or) If you are a fan of My writings (or) a fan of Illogical Poem World (or) If you are a fan of reading Poetries, Prose, Musings or anything, You got to grab one. This one is really amazing. I promise.

The book is available here.

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If you are living in India, You can please purchase it here, my dear Indian friends

If you are from Outside India, You can please purchase it here, my dear International Family 

It really means a lot to me to receive feedback from you all, my dear friends and family.

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