Monday, 1 September 2014

What makes Windows Phone 8.1 so Special?

Wondering why there is a Special attraction towards Windows Phone 8.1?

Surprise No More, Because there are plenty of reasons for that.
Let me tell you briefly about most of them.

  • First Let me Introduce you Mrs. Cortana. She helps you in many ways. For Suppose, She helps you make calls,send texts,take notes,set reminders and alarms etc.


  • Use your favourite photo as the background on the start screen.The tiles fit exactly and to display the full image.

  • Messaging, This became more important and more interesting in today's day to day life.
    Keeping this in Observation they made an easy and faster way to write a Text message. Just slide your finger around the Word low Keyboard and the words magically take shape. This made Typing more easy, more simpler and Quick.

                                               Shape writing on Windows Phone
  • Files App, With This app you can search for,open,cop,share,move and delete documents,photos,music and more on your phone and SD card.
  • Calender: The calender has new interactive week and month views that expand to show you the details of your day,appointments etc.

                                                Calendar on Windows Phone
  • Music:Use the Xbox Music app to find and get new music as well as to listen.There is no more going to store app and download.
  • Settings and Personalisation:
  1. Action centre- Swipe down to open action centre. Its the new place to see the notifications -new emails,alerts,and get to see important settings quickly.

                                               Action center on Windows Phone
  2. Volume bar: There is a new volume bar with separate controls for in-call,ringer and apps.
  3. Sync settings with other devices: Now you have the option of setting or syncing your WiFi passwords,favourite websites,and more with your other windows devices,including PC's and tablets.

                                                  Sync settings on Windows Phone
  4. Screen shot buttons:There is a new button-press combo for taking screen shots on your phone.
    You will now press the  Power Power icon and  Volume UpVolume up iconbuttons at the same time.

  • Creating folders: On your start screen, Just hold a  tile and then push it on top o the other one which makes you to create new folders and you can name them whatever you would like.
  • Projection:You can now project your phone screen to a s PC to show of family photos and other random stuff.
    For that,You should just download the "Project my screen app"to your PC,plug in a USB cable and Project away. 

  • Burst Mode: Burst mode captures a series o shots in quick session.It is useful for fast-moving subjects and group photos.
                                 Camera burst mode on Windows Phone
  • Camera Settings:
                Camera settings on Windows Phone

    Important Note:Some apps and features won't work on phones with less than 1 GB of RAM. To see how much memory your phone has, check the manufacturer's website or your phone's documentation. Some features might not be available in your country or region or may vary depending on your mobile operator or phone manufacturer. For more information, Go check your availability.

    And many more features which makes this Windows Phone 8.1 so special and attractive.So,What you are waiting for??
                                                        Run and Grab one
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