Saturday, 23 August 2014

May be this is what people call it as "Love"

My heart breaks when I see you start ignoring me.
Tears roll down my cheek when I hear that you care me no more.
My Heart beats faster when I hear your name.
I rarely smile, but when I do, the only reason is you.
And Yes,
I always cry, and when I do, the only reason is you.

Though living so far from each other, I could always feel your presence beside me.

Though knowing all your hatred, My heart still points at you and says "Yes She is the one".

Your smile brings me joy..

Your cry makes me shattered..
Your glimpse gives me wings..
Your words...
They say that you still care for me.
Your eyes...
They whisper what your heart wants to say to me.

Since the day I met you...
Went through lot of emotions..
I smiled..

I laughed..
I cried..

I felt Joy..
I was delighted..
I was depressed..
I was mad..

I was sad...
I was bad..

I was glad..
You gave me many moments..
You gave me many miseries..
But Truly Girl,
I loved each and every second of it.

The first time I saw you..
My heart paused a beat, bounced a feet and Danced

And then our eyes whispered..
That is where the magic started
May be this is what people call it as "Love".
And if it is so..


I Loved you..
Loved you more than any one in this world can ever Do.

And Only we Two..
Can show the world what a True Love can really Do.
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