Sunday, 15 June 2014

Happy Fathers Day..

Since the day I came to this earth..
Till date You have showed me what you worth..

In all my fears..
In all my tears..
In all my fright..
You have always hold me tight.
Always showed me what is right.
And never left me out of your sight.

I asked you many things in a row..
But till date you never said "No".

I just grew..
By learning a million things from you..
I can understand..
How much pain you went through..
By just seeing All the Love you Pour on us Two.

You never told How much you Loved me..
But You always showed me.
Because In Love,Works speak a lot more than Words.

I cried..
I lied..
But what so ever so..You have always been my side.
And You have always been my Guide.

Taking care of me,
Taking care of Mother,
Taking care of Brother..
And for All the Love you gather..
I just wanna say I love you Father.

What more can I say Dad?
I am just so glad for you being my Dad.

                      Happy Fathers Day

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