Saturday, 24 May 2014

You mean the world to me

Every second of every minute
Every minute of every hour
Every hour of every day
Every day of every week
Every week of every month
Every month of every year
For these past 8 years
Living in the most frightening and darkest fears.
Waiting for a day that comes and wipes away all my tears.
I mean, The day..
When you finally come to me and say..
That I will stay..
In the rest of your way.

You knew all my love..
You knew all my wait..
You knew all my faith..
You knew all my pain..

Knowing this,
I  hoped you would turn up
Never thought to give up.
But you never showed up.
Letting me down is the only thing you keep on doing.
Seeing this,
Going to a corner and weeping is the only thing I keep on doing.

Yeah May be I am not so important to you..
But Girl,
You mean the world to me.

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