Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The first positive from your side..

All these ages I  waited and waited
For All these years
My eyes are wet filled with tears
Compressing all the pain...
Hiding all my tears..
Conceiving all my fears...
Many said It looked worse on me
But I Waited for the curse to let pass off me

I thought it would never...
But my dreams never gave up...
They are the ones which kept me alive..
They are ones which stood by me in the dark times.
They are the ones which bought my life back.

Though  you are my only.
Thought you would leave me lonely.
But never gave up so early..
Hoping a miraculous day comes shortly.

Finally the day came..
Even the Dreams are jealous of what has happened to me..
Even my heart couldn't believe of what you have done to me..

If this is the return you give for my 8 years pain..
Frankly Girl, I am ready to give away my whole life.
I am ready to suffer even more pain..
Because I am pretty sure that at some point of time
All my pain goes in vain just like the stain gets washed away by the rain.

Some feelings,Some happiness,Some wonderful moments with you cant be expressed so easily..
That's the reason why I speak so rarely.
God sent his favorite angel down this earth Only because he cares about my life..
Because he knew that at one point of time She is gonna be my wife.

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