Saturday, 31 May 2014

I just cant stop praising.

When I was almost eleven..
Still behaving like a kid of seven
You came to my life like an angel from the heaven..

With that innocent eyes...
Which made my heartbeat rise.
With that cute bobbed hair...
Which made my eyes to constantly stare.
With that tiny pretty lips...
Which never and ever made my head flip.
With that heart-melting smile...
Which always made my heartbeat stop for a while.

Your laugh was amazing..
Your smile was mesmerizing..
Your innocence was the reason for my continuous gazing.
These all made me to start phrasing..
I am so sorry,But I just can't stop praising.

Your cuteness clearly resembles your goodness.
And that can even make a rainbow blush
I feel so happy for you being my crush.
And making my poetic words pen down like the flush.

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