Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I love to gain Knowledge but hate this Education System

Please don't tell us what to study.
We know what to do..when to do.
In India,We First  become Engineers and then think of our future.
What is the fucking use to study all these subjects when we don't use anything practically in our life??

Please Leave us alone.
Please let us decide our own future.You don't decide it for us.
14 subjects each semester...
What is the use of it If we don't use anyone of them properly in our future
Just you make us memorize each and everything to get those "A" grades which will never be used in our future except to tell for our society.
And they decide our standard by that useless grades which matters nothing regarding our skills and abilities.

Society know nothing about our future.
They are just a crap which speaks non-sense.
Every Parents want their children to stand at the top in their respective field.
But they know nothing about the present education system which is ruining our life.
Its only used for spoiling our knowledge.
We just want to concentrate on only some subjects in which we are interested the most.
In which we feel we can exhale..In which we feel we can bring out some change..
In which we feel we can develop the needs of our Developing country.
Please let not our marks decide our fate!!
Don't think It's a single voice.
It's the pray of crores of Indian students and many more students..
Who loves to gain knowledge But who hates this education system.

See the video to know more about this...
It's a very practical example...

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