Sunday, 16 March 2014

Missing MH370...Not yet figured out where the exact location is...

I was wrong...
I thought that there is nothing to be developed in this "Developing world".
I used to think "what's there to still develop...Everything is developed."

But after finding that we couldn't even detect the correct location of a missing plane even after a week or so...I felt depressed
Then thought that There is lot to be developed.
Cheap brain..Took so long for me to actually figure out that we are so back.

Many rumors are spreading...
One say It crashed in Indian Ocean..
Some other say It's been Hijacked..
Couldn't even figure out what the actual truth is.

But the whole world is in search of that missing MH370
Once take a look at the countries contribution in searching for the missing plane..

They are using Aircraft,Ship,Satellite,Helicopter,Patrol Boat,Fixed wing Aircraft and Search and rescue Aircraft.
Hope we hear the Good News soon.

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