Sunday, 30 March 2014

I just cant revert to my original without you.

You have given me all I need.
You bought me all I want.
You gave me all I asked.

Made me glad when I am mad.
A beautiful smile when I am bad.
A graceful laugh when I am sad.
But expected nothing in return.
Misunderstood all this caring as loving.
Finally the day came when your heart said "No" and in the same flow your hand waved "Go".

All of a sudden I went so low and slow.
Heart became so tight and fit..
Brain is busy haunting all the sweet memories and recalling all the happy moments.
Hands are quivering,
Legs are shivering.
Whole body was weakening.
But still,You left me alone.
All you have given me are the memories,a sweet and truthful memories which last as long as I live.
Its like leaving someone alone in a desert along with gallons of water.
A hope to live,But no scope with whom.

When you are with me.. you are the only one who made my days..
Now,Your memories do.
No matter how far you are,How strong you are..
Remember that there is a weak soul mourning out loud for your presence and for your comeback.

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