Friday, 21 February 2014

Yes,The "Real WE"

My Love,
When I say "I Love You" I really mean it to be perfect.
When I said "I Missed You" I really felt it deep inside my "Thirsty heart" which is waiting for your Love;
And my "Hungry Soul" which is eagerly waiting for your presence.

Frankly Girl,You are My World.
You really made my life a complete one.
It was you who changed the rhythm of my heartbeat.
It was you who
bought a smile to my face.
Without You..My life wouldn't have it's complete meaning...

But now,
You broke my heart and walked away from me.
I didn't ask for the reason and I'll never do even.
But My Love,
If you ever feel guilty of what you have done..
Don't hesitate to come back to me...
I'll be waiting for you with my hands wide open...

Oh Dear,
Just lend me your ear,
Forget all that is past and make them clear,
Don't fear,
Just cheer,
Hate,You better disappear..
Because I am here.

I'll show you the new meaning of Love.
Believe ME,
With "New ME"
I'll show you the "Real We"

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